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Local Team Leagues and Rules

Southlake Tennis Center is a host site for teams who play in local leagues. Team captains must request and confirm their team’s slot every season to play at our facility.  Teams self-form at the tennis center, to allow for the best fit of teams to players.  The best way for new players to find a team is to play in our Adult Drills or join an in-house league.  New teams can request a slot or be put on a wait list for an opening.  Here is a list of the leagues we currently host.

NETT (Northeast Tarrant Tennis)   NETT is a local CTA (Community Tennis Association) that runs multiple leagues, including women’s and men’s team leagues, flex singles and mixed doubles leagues in our local area.  STC currently hosts NETT Teams on Monday mornings (3.0/4.0) and Wednesday mornings (3.5).   We are a host site for Flex Leagues, which are scheduled by the participants.   Teams register each season with NETT.  NETT plays in the Fall, Spring and Summer seasons, and all league matches are doubles only.

TCD (Tennis Competitors of Dallas)  TCD is a CTA that runs multiple leagues based primarily based in Dallas.  TCD runs a women’s league on Thursday mornings, a women’s 50+ league on Wednesday mornings, and a mixed doubles league on Sunday afternoons.  Teams register each season with TCD.  All TCD leagues play in the Spring and Fall and all league matches are doubles only.

USTA Leagues  The Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition runs all USTA league play.  There are numerous USTA leagues that play year round.  STC hosts USTA women’s teams on Friday and Saturday mornings, and men’s USTA teams on Saturdays.  For a complete list of all the team leagues offered please visit their website.  USTA plays Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.  The level and format changes for each season.

How do I apply for a team slot at STC?   Team captains can request a team slot at STC at least 1 month prior to the deadline for submitting a roster for that particular league.  Many of the slots are currently full.  Teams that wish to play on a day that is currently full can ask to be put on a wait list, and will be contacted when a slot opens up for that league.

How do existing teams maintain their slots?  Existing teams retain their slots from season to season, provided that the team retains at least 50% of the players from the previous season.  Team captains must submit a copy of the current season roster by the roster deadline to be eligible to play that season at STC.  Existing captains are contacted at least one month prior to the roster deadline to confirm their slot and request the roster.

How are summer league slots given?  Since most teams do not play in the summer, summer slots are first come, first served.  There are a limited number of summer slots due to Junior Summer Camps that run every week throughout the summer.

What are the team requirements?  When there is a wait list, teams must be comprised of 50% Southlake residents.  The residents on the team must play in at least 2 matches each season.






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