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Guide to Tournament Play

In 2021, the USTA has introduced a new tournament system. Instead of each section having its own tournament structure, there is now one tournament system for the entire US. Every section will have the same levels of play, so players can now play in tournaments in different sections. So what’s new?

For the latest updates on Texas Section tournaments, please go to Texas Section Tournament Info and Updates.

To find a tournament, go to USTA Tournaments.  List your zip code, and then use the search information on the left-hand side of the page to find the divisions you are looking to enter.

Southlake Tennis Center Tournaments

The STC Level 7/10U Tournaments are one-day tournaments for players who are ready for tournament play. Players should have previous match play experience before entering these events. The tournaments feature a compass draw, which means that all the players in the tournament should play at least 2 matches and could have up to 4 in one day. Players should enter only if they can stay for the entire day. The format is 2 sets to 4 games, with a 7 point match tiebreak, no-ad scoring. Players enter by going to the USTA website and registering online. STC Level 6 Tournaments are 2-day tournaments.

Sat, September 19 Junior Circuit B/G 10U-4U Sept B/G 10U-14U Green Ball

Compass Draw (Example for 8 Players)
Compass Draw

Compass Draw (Example for 16 Players)

Tournament Levels

The tournament levels of Challenger, Champs and Supers is now gone. Tournaments are now Level 1 – Level 7 events. A Level 1 tournament is a National Championship. A Level 7 tournament is similar to a One-Day Challenger. Tournaments are OPEN (anyone one with a USTA membership can play) or CLOSED (only players in the Texas Section can play). OPEN tournaments can have players from outside the Texas Section playing in them.

Click here for a chart of the new levels.

For Texas Section players, the old levels generally correspond to these new levels:

Challenger Players = Level 7 (One Day Challengers) and Level 6 (2 Day Challengers)

Champs Players = Level 6 and Level 5

Superchamp Players = Level 5, 4 and 3

Nationally Ranked Superchamp Players = Level 2 and 1

For an in depth explanation of the new system please watch this webinar from USTA National.

Player Rankings

Texas Section Rankings have been eliminated. Players now have a national ranking for each age division. Players who previously played in USTA sanctioned tournaments have been given a national ranking based on the level they were in 2020. Click here for a link to the current USTA Player Rankings. Click on the link USTA Ranking System for more information about tournament ranking points.

Tournament Entry (B/G 12’s-18’s)

Players are now allowed to enter any level tournament. However, tournaments now have limited entries per division. In Level 1-6 tournaments, the number of players in each draw will vary based on the tournament. This information will be listed on the home page of the tournament. Players are not restricted to certain levels, they can register for any tournament. However, players will be selected based on their rankings.  The remaining players will go on a waitlist.  Players may enter as many tournaments in a month as they would like to play, but they cannot enter more than one tournament per weekend. 

Level 7 Tournaments will accept players in reverse order of their rankings. This means the least experienced players will be chosen first. It is expected that Level 7 players will have some match play experience.

Tournament Entry (B/G 10U Orange/Green)

10U events will no longer be listed as divisions in tournaments. They are now Junior Circuit Events. Most Level 6-7 tournaments will have a separate tournament for these divisions for players to play in. Parents should use the USTA Tournament Link to list their zip code and then sort for 10U divisions to find events in our area.

The 10U divisions have a separate advancement process. Click this link for more information on the player progression.

10U Player Progression – NET Generation Playtracker

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