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Junior Programs

Red Level
  • 4-8 Years Old
  • 36' Court
  • Red Compression Balls
  • 21-23" Racquet
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Orange Level
  • 9-11 Years Old
  • 60' Court
  • Orange Compression Balls
  • 23" Racquet
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Green Level
  • 11-13 Years Old
  • 78' Court
  • Green Compression Balls
  • 25-26" Racquet
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Yellow Level
  • 13-16 Years Old
  • Full Size Court
  • Yellow Standard Balls
  • Full Sized Raquet
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Tournament Level
  • 11-18 Years Old
  • Full Size Court
  • Yellow Standard Balls
  • Full Size Racquet
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We are awaiting information from the State of Texas regarding Summer Camps. We will send out a message as soon as we have more information on how to create a healthy environment for our players. We are taking registration for Summer Camp starting June 8.

Our junior development program is a skills based program that incorporates both technical instruction and age appropriate match play.  Each junior session includes weekly instruction and coached match play on Sundays, to help players learn to play tennis, not just take lessons.  Players are formally assessed several times a year, to keep track of their individual development and to move them up through the levels of our program.

Each session focuses on helping players to develop the skills they will need to play in the STC World Tour events.  The World Tour takes place near the end of each session and features a 2-hour fun-filled competition that focuses on six major professional tennis tournaments.  Players learn tennis trivia, information about the pro game and discover their favorite players.

The Southlake Tennis Academy follows the curriculum developed with Evolve 9, the leading expert in junior development training.  We tailor our program to meet the needs of each player, focusing on the skills that need to be acquired by age. Each level has instruction and play to foster a life-long love for tennis.

We use the 10U format for both instruction and play. This format features modified racquets, balls, courts, and scoring to “right-size” the game for children. 10U formats allow junior players to gain skills at a much earlier age in a technically correct way, while having fun learning the game.  We offer a competitive progression from Match Day to Future Stars Beginner Tournaments to help prepare players for USTA tournament play.

The Texas Section supports a transitional competitive program.  Players start in 8U Red Ball, move to 10U Orange/Green and graduate to Yellow Ball at 11 years old.  Each level has a progression where points are earned to move to the next level.  Our program supports this system, so players use the same balls in practice that they will see in tournament play.  For more information about competitive tennis in Texas please use this link Texas Junior Tennis


Movement through Levels

Each age group has multiple levels so players can advance at their own pace.  Each level has a set of skills that need to be mastered in order to move up to the next stage of development.  Classes focus on athletic development and technical instruction as coaches work on skill acquisition.  Coaches evaluate player match skills on Match Days.   All these skills are reviewed each session by our coaching staff.