Red Level
  • 5-8 Year Olds
  • 36' Court
  • 19"-21" inches
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Orange Level
  • 9-11 Year Olds
  • Orange Compression Balls
  • 21"- 25" Racquet
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Green Level
  • 11-15 Years Old
  • 78' Court
  • Green and Yellow Balls
  • 26-27" Racquet
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Yellow Level
  • 11-15 Years Old
  • Full Size Court
  • Yellow Balls
  • 26"-27" Racquet
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Performance Level
  • 11-18 Years Old
  • Full Size Court
  • Yellow Standard Balls
  • Full Size Racquet
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Junior Programs at STC


Southlake Tennis Academy (STA) runs a comprehensive junior program for players 5-18 years old. The program uses the principles from Evolve9, a leading junior program used at John McEnroe’s Academy and other leading programs throughout the world. We focus on getting kids to play right from the beginning. Players are taught how to play points and games. Skills focus on controlling and directing the ball to help win points. Coaches work on developing the athletic skills, court movement, and basic tennis technique to help in match play at each level.

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Starting at age 7, when players sign up for weekly practices, they are placed on a team that plays matches on Sunday afternoons. Each session ends with WORLD TOUR event, which has games and competition for all ages and levels.


Each age group has multiple levels, so players can advance at their own pace.  Each level has a set of skills that need to be mastered in order to move up to the next stage of development.  Classes focus on athletic development and technical instruction as coaches work on skill acquisition.  All these skills are reviewed each session by our coaching staff. A parent meeting will be held at the beginning and end of each session to discuss class objectives. You will receive a written evaluation at the end of the session.


Using the Evolve9 process, players are introduced to new skills at each level. The ball and court size are matched to the skills being taught. We focus on tennis/athletic skill development, making sure that players have mastered the basic techniques needed at each level to move on. Players work cooperatively in class, freeing our coaches to make personal improvements. Our goal is not to hurry players to a certain competitive level, but to develop complete players who have all the skills they need as they get older, so they can compete at whatever level they choose. We are committed to helping each player find their full potential as individuals and as players.