Weather Policy

All classes are held outdoors, so we are forced to modify our schedule when it rains.  If it starts raining before the camp or class begins, we will post a weather notice to the home page of this website, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter account, and we will send an email to each class.  If it begins to rain during class, we will post notices and have the players wait in the Pro Shop until they can be picked up.

Camp days and classes that are missed due to weather can be made up during the current session or the next session only.  We cannot carry over make-up days beyond the session since our schedule changes each session based on enrollment.  Camps and classes are considered completed if we finish more than 1/2 of the session.

Because we guarantee s specific student-to-pro ration in classes, make-ups for camps and classes must be scheduled in advance.  We cannot take players who just show up, since it may compromise the quality of instruction.  Please contact our Junior Coordinator, Denise Otto for assistance in scheduling your make-ups.  She can be reached at  She will be happy to schedule a mutually convenient time to make up the camp or class.